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B.I.D (Behaviour, Identity, Desire) is an online magazine for lesbian and bisexual women. Read on for our blog...


    Strange Frame: Love and Sax

    I am a huge fan of Buffy and especially of Drusilla who, thanks to Juliet Landau’s brilliant acting, is a highly memorable and hauntingly unique character. I am also a big fan of Tim Curry, I grew up watching the Home Alone movies and as the nosy concierge in the second film he is just hilarious. However I didn’t really expect to find them both in the credits of an animated lesbian love story set in the future where humans as we know them no longer exist and everyone is genetically modified. But I did.


    Strange Frame: Love And Sax is apparently in post-production and will be released in 2012. The credits include both Curry and Landau alongside Claudia Black and Tara Strong who provide the voices of the two main characters. The protagonist is Parker, a saxophonist, and Naia is a guitarist who is genetically engineered to be a miner. They make music together and fall in love. Unfortunately fame gets in the way, Naia becomes enslaved again and Parker sets out on a mission to save her lover. Made using cutout animation, a mixture of 3D and traditional animation, the film is a sci-fi tale set on Ganymede where sexuality and skin colour are non-issues. 


    The movie sounds interesting and unlike anything I’ve seen before, and although I’m generally not a fan of animated movies I think I will give this one a shot. After all, how many lesbian animated movies set in the 29th century are there?

    For more information: http://tinyurl.com/7frproj

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    Lesbian Novels: Part 1


    Award-winning novelist Sarah Waters wrote her first novel, Tipping The Velvet, in 1998. Since then she has written another four novels, been shortlisted for the Booker Prize, won the Stonewall Book Award and has made a significant contribution to lesbian fiction around the world. The first lesbian novel I read was Waters’ Fingersmith so I’ve decided it should be first in a series of posts about lesbian fiction.


    Fingersmith starts in the working-class back streets of London where Sue Trinder has been raised by her adoptive mother Mrs Sucksby and her thieving extended family. Persuaded by them to gain the trust of Lady Maud, Sue is sent to the countryside in order to steal her fortune. However an unlikely relationship develops between the two women and Maud faces an agonising choice between her adoptive family and the woman she has fallen in love with.

    All is not as it seems in this brilliant novel and it is definitely worth a read. Also make sure you check out the BBC adaptation which really brings this story to life.

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    Prop 8 Update

    The plaintiffs in the Prop 8 case in California who are fighting for equal marriage rights for gays and lesbians hope you all had a happy Thanksgiving yesterday. Jeff Zarrillo and Paul Katami, and Kristin Perry and Sandra Stier released a video where they talk about what they are thankful for this year.

    It has been over a year now since Prop 8 (which states that only marriage between a man and a woman is valid or recognized in California) was ruled unconstitutional. Following last weeks ruling by the California Supreme Court that proponents of Prop 8 have the right to defend it, the case will now head to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals where proponents will assume the roles of Governor and Attorney-General to challenge the court ruling which found Prop 8 to be unconstitutional. The next step in the case is the appeals court and the date has been set for December 8th in San Francisco.

    — 2 years ago
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    Woman of the week:


    She’s been on the cover of G3 and Cosmo this month, spoken out about her bisexuality and had an incredibly successful year. This week we’ve picked Jessie J as our woman of the week and she definitely deserves it. As one of the most high-profile bisexual women in entertainment, Jessie J has done a lot to break down some of the myths and stigma surrounding bisexuality. In her recent interview with G3 she asserted that, “If I love a girl, I love a girl. If I like a guy, I like a guy, you know. I’m not gonna put myself in a little box.” It’s this down-to-earth attitude which will hopefully have a positive effect on both straight and gay prejudice towards bisexual men and women.

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    Lesbian Music Videos: Part 1

    After watching Duran Duran’s epically long and, in my opinion, dull and uninteresting music video for their new single Girl Panic! I have decided to post my favourite music videos which feature lesbians. In the case of Girl Panic! I don’t really like the song or the video, it’s all too polished for my liking. It looks like a video version of a glossy magazine and the girl on girl action is uninspiring and boring (something I don’t often say about girls making out.) My top videos therefore will be for songs which I actually like, some have lesbian storylines, others feature robots. So here is part 1, the video for Le Disko by Shiny Toy Guns. 

    — 2 years ago
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    Mail List

    Want to be the first to here about new BID blogs and articles? Want to receive a copy of our new zine? Then click the link below to sign up to our new mail list!

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    Chasing Samantha

    Samantha Ronson may be better known to many as the sister of acclaimed music producer Mark Ronson and the girl who had a turbulent on-off relationship with Lindsay Lohan but fans of the DJ know that there is much more to her than that. Samantha reportedly has a new girlfriend in the form of Erin Foster and also a new album, Chasing The Reds, which is released on the 22nd of this month. However, if you visit her Facebook page and go to the Free Download section by signing up to the mail-list you can get a free download of the title song.           


    I listen to the random selection of songs on Sam’s myspace page quite often so I am genuinely excited about an entire album of Samantha and friends. Her back catalogue is a mix of covers, edits and one-off songs and you can listen to a selection of them on her myspace. I really like her remix of 99 Problems by Jay-Z and some of you might recognise Built This Way from the Mean Girls soundtrack. The DJ AM ADD mix is also worth a listen, turn it up loud if you’re getting ready for a night out, it’s not exactly easy listening.


    Described as a rock record with vocals and guitar by Sam herself and featuring Slash, Wale and one song produced by Mark, Chasing The Reds will be interesting for sure. I really like the single but I hope that the album features some heavier and tougher songs, there just aren’t enough good rock albums by women around right now.


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    This Way For Gay

    If in search of an LGBT friendly area in the north of England the first choice of many is to head to one of the gay villages which exist in big cities like Manchester, Leeds and Liverpool. Now, just in case the rainbow flags aren’t enough to signal such an area, in Liverpool you can now just look at the street signs. Liverpool is officially the first city in the UK to have rainbow themed street signs in its gay quarter. The Stanley Street sign has already been replaced and Cumberland Street, Temple Street, Temple Lane and Eberle Street are to follow.


    The street signs are apparently part of a larger plan to help unlock the economic potential of such areas and to recognise where the LGBT scene in the city is. But are gay street signs really necessary? Yes they are nice and colourful but I can’t help feel they are a waste of money and I worry that they’ll turn gay villages into tourist attractions. I’m not convinced that signs demarcating a specific area as gay friendly is a good thing, people seeking a gay village will find it without rainbow street signs. Gay villages are one thing but gay ghetto’s are quite another.

    — 2 years ago
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    Woman of the week:


    To coincide with the release of her autobiography, this week it’s Jeanette Winterson. Raised by her adoptive, Pentecostal parents, Winterson released her first novel when she was only 25. Oranges Are Not The Only Fruit - part biography, part fiction - won Winterson the Whitbread Award for a First Novel in 1985 and was later adapted into a BBC mini series by Winterson herself. While Oranges dealt with many of the traumatic events of her childhood, Winterson’s new biography (Why Be Happy When You Could Be Normal?) tells the true, and much harsher, reality of her upbringing. With a huge number of positive reviews this is definitely one to check out.

    — 2 years ago
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    More Real Life Lesbian Drama

    Showtime has announced that there will be a Real L Word season three. This news is either going to make lesbians rejoice or recoil in horror due to the seemingly love/hate relationship people have with the show. Whitney appears on the press release so it seems she will be returning for the third time but no word as yet on what other characters may be featured.


    Season three will no longer focus solely on the drama of LA lesbians, oh no, this time it will be east meets west as NYC lesbians join the cast. I’m going to take bets now on how many of the NYC lesbians have dated Whitney at some point, how many unnecessary nude/sex scenes there will be and how many break-ups will be witnessed. Bring it on Chaiken.

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    LGBT Bullying


    An ‘Anti-Bullying Work’ report by Essex council has revealed that teachers are not being given adequate training to tackle bullying in schools. At one school LGBT teenagers were told to act less gay or to wear their hair differently as teachers felt they were making themselves a target for bullies.

    This report follows a number of high profile teen suicides which were partially the result of anti-gay bullying at school. While the majority of these cases were in the USA, LGBT bullying is becoming an increasing problem in many countries. The acceptability of phrases such as ‘gay’ for describing something bad is endemic throughout British secondary schools and playground taunts are not uncommon.

    While it is easy to blame specific students for their attitudes and language, teachers also need to be aware of their roles within a school. Better training and more awareness is needed. 

    — 2 years ago
    #LGBT  #Bullying 
    Top Five Horror Movie Scream Queens

    1. Neve Campbell in Scream                                                                                                                        

    2. Sigourney Weaver in Alien


    3. Jodie Foster in Silence of the Lambs


    4. Jamie Lee Curtis in Halloween 


    5. Janet Leigh in Psycho


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    Lesbian Style Icons: Part 4


    Lisbeth Salander, the bisexual hacker from Stieg Larsson’s Millennium Trilogy, is a style icon to many lesbian/bi women. The character, originally played by Noomi Rapace in the Swedish film trilogy and by Rooney Mara in the soon to be released American adaptation, has a trademark look of black hair, black clothes, black eye makeup and numerous silver piercings. There are no brights or pastels in this woman’s wardrobe. So it’s great news for those who consider Miss Salander to be a style icon that clothing company H&M have announced that they are to release a Lisbeth Slander inspired collection in December featuring 39 different items. The clothes look great from the pictures that have been released so far, there are definitely some items that I will be queuing up to buy.


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